Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit

Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit this project is an investment project in partnership with Khairat Abar Iraqiya, located in Samawah- Iraq, has a daily treating capacity of 4,000,000 BPA. It consists of ISBL (Inside Battery Limit) and OSBL (Outside Battery Limit) area. 
ISBL adopts UOP patented technology and is designed with three core processing units: Naphtha hydrotreating unit, fixed bed platforming with LPG recovery unit and par-ISOM. 
OSBL includes 27 sub-systems covering tank farm and flare system. The project is contracted by SEPCO on EPC basis.
The main product is the gasoline pool, which has RON 97 + applying the (EURO V) specifications. 
The second product will be LPG by applying the GPA specifications.

Developed by Avesta Group