Poly Bag

Poly bag is an environmental packaging technology for various grades of bitumen that provides for end users transportable and more use of product. Specification of two layers epithelial films from polyethylene, which through melt operation solution to bitumen and improve the quality of bitumen packed.

Polybag was designed to operate under any weather conditions. The bagged bitumen is placed next to the melting unit and the bag is raised by the crane that is an integral part of the unit. After the outer bag has been removed, the bitumen is then easily melted over the heated burners. The melted product is collected in a storage tank, where it is ready to be used. This melting equipment is especially prepared to guarantee a high heat transfer area, taking into consideration the physical and chemical properties of the product. It therefore minimizes associated energy costs and guarantees the consistency of the product. Polybag offers numerous environmental, safety and stock management advantages. Its structure ensures the simultaneous transport of large quantities of bitumen and its long-term storage capability drastically reduces energy costs.


30-40 Kg Poly Bag

1000 Kg Poly Bag


30-40 Kg

900-1000 Kg

External Layer



Internal Layer



Melting Temperature

120 (°C)

130 (°C)


Developed by Avesta Group